“We first met Tara 24 years ago when we were just kids being initiated into the horse world through pony camp.  Growing up with Tara she was always inspiring and infectious to be around.  She encouraged us to be strong and independent young women but still respectful and kind to humans and animals alike.  She always had a smile and a laugh to share along with a hug and a story.  We have both looked up to Tara throughout our teenage and now adult lives and we are invigorated to support her in her run for legislator.  Vote Tara In!” – Christine Salmon and Asheley Wardell

“Passionate. Reliable. Transparent. These are three words that aren’t commonly associated with your average business manager. However, these are the three words I would use to describe Tara, who I’ve known and had the pleasure of working with for 10 years at Lionshare Farm. Like most jobs, working in the equine industry can be challenging; the hours are long, clientele have high expectations and your knowledge of the equine industry must flourish not only in the office, but also the stable and the saddle.

Tara is unique in that she excels in each of these aspects of equine management. I’d like to pause for a moment and reiterate what a true rarity it is to have all of these skills, no matter what industry you work in. When it comes to the long hours, Tara juggles dozens of responsibilities and time constraints with determination, dedication and discipline. When it comes to the clientele, Tara knows how to work with all personality types and foster a relationship with each individual. And when it comes to having a wide-breadth knowledge, Tara is a source of reliability, comfort and trust. These are the types of qualities that we all value and seek as human beings, though few of us actually achieve. Most importantly, Tara’s passion is evident in all that she does, whether it be riding a horse or standing up for something she believes in. After only knowing Tara for a short amount of time, she quickly became more than my stable manager; she became a true friend, confidant and mentor. I can confidently say that with Tara as your voice, your shepherd and your leader, your community will thrive. Vote Tara In!” – Halle Fogel

“Tara was by far one of the best people I’ve worked with in all my working years. Having her as a colleague had a great impact in my career just by her dedication to her job. Everything she does, she gives her all and makes sure it’s all done perfectly with a lot of love and all her attention. Not only is her attitude on her work excellent, but so are her strategies! She’s taught me a lot just by me watching her do her job. She’s a very patient, smart, nice woman. Working with her was one of my best experiences and I’m sure if Tara is elected, the towns of Beekman and Union Vale won’t be disappointed!” – Gustavo Pires

“One cannot be an effective leader without character. Tara is a caring friend who has provided a home to those who needed space and time to find a new direction for their lives. She was a fierce field hockey player for her team and an avid team mom for her son’s baseball teams. She is a compassionate activist whose political awareness began in 1968 at age 6. She continues to espouse and fight for causes she deeply believes in – human rights, gun safety, participatory and cooperative government and fiscal responsibility. Character is Tara’s finest attribute.” – Judy Staubo

Endorsed by the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, NYS Working Families Party, NYS Women’s Equality Party, Dutchess Democratic Women’s Committee, Hudson Valley Stands Up, Beekman Democratic Committee and Union Vale Democratic Committee.