About Tara

Hi,  thank you for coming to my website.  I will tell you a bit about me and I have also asked others who have known me in many capacities, my family, friends, clients and co-workers to tell you about me too.  I will be posting their experience of me here and on my Facebook page.  Now, I will go first.

I grew up in Washington, Connecticut, a very small town with a strong tradition of community, farming and baseball.  I was raised by parents who believed in serving their town; my mother served on the Finance & Budget Committee, my father on Zoning, Zoning Board of Appeals and he founded the Inland/Wetlands Committee.

I volunteered for my first campaign in the 6th grade working with my mom who was a district captain for Connecticut’s 6th district!  I volunteered for my first national campaign in 1980 working for Independent candidate, John Anderson.  I have always been interested in policy, equality, fairness in government and therefore have volunteered for campaigns I felt represented the best in American values and inclusiveness.

Baseball, where I grew up was a central part of our town’s identity.  We had a legendary coach while I was in high school and to this day, if there is a home game, a sign goes out in the center of town and the local business let their employees rotate out to watch.  I volunteered for 10 years with Beekman Athletic Club, raising funds and traveling around the state in support of our teams.

I have worked on or run horse farms even earlier than I began in politics.  I have been a working student, groom, barn manager, trainer and most recently the Chief Operating Officer of an international show jumping barn located in Greenwich, CT.  I also have a small hobby farm here in Beekman, the property is what drew us to town and we cherish the rural and small town community.

Additionally, I have been the accounting manager for 2 multi-million dollar constructions projects that ran a total of 5 years.  I have been the Comptroller of a not-for-profit and wrote a human resources and policy manual for a construction company.

These experiences have given me a unique set of tools and experiences that will be extremely valuable to me as a County Legislator.  To represent Beekman and Union Vale, 2 towns with a diverse electorate, I believe my business background and independent political experience makes me the best candidate to serve you.